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  • 興趣愛好Tommy and I had been flatmates for about five or six months now. We weren't exactly friends, but we got along and were civil. He was on the rugby team and a business major whereas I was a theater major. Needless to say, we didn't have a lot in common. At least twice a week, he would bring a girl over after a night out. He didn't always score, but he had me, a 21 year old scrawny virgin, beat. People assumed I was gay, but the truth is I wasn't sure where I fell on that spectrum. I mostly just wanted to be left alone to figure it out. "Andy, can you get the door, man?" I groaned and got up. I was naturally submissive, but Tommy was just lazy sometimes and took advantage of it. I got out of bed and walked over to the door, preparing an excuse to give to whatever salesperson or signature collector who was surely at the door. To my horror, I was greeted to a tall man wearing a ski mask and pointing a pistol directly at me. "Don't say anything. Back up. Sit on the couch." Though stunned, I complied as quickly as possible, with him pushing me onto the couch when we got close to it. "Anyone else here? Don't lie." I was too shocked to talk but my eyes darted to Tommy's room. "Got it. If you move, it's going to be bad news for your friend." Within a minute, Tommy walked out of his room trailed by the masked gunman. Our eyes met, exchanging a look or fear, and he was shoved next to me on the couch. The robber produced a garbage bag from his pocket and removed his ski mask. "Ok fellas, good job so far. Now you're going to sit there while I help myself to a few of your things. You move, you get hit, you try to leave, you get shot. Now give me your fucking phones." We quickly complied and he placed the phones on the table while he helped himself to our gaming consoles and other small electrics. After gazing around for a few moments he grunted and grabbed our phones. "Give me your pins" We complied. "Perfect." "Alright fellas, no hard feelings" he chuckled "but you've seen my face and let's just say this wouldn't be my first time getting busted if you called the cops. I could sit here and threaten you, but I've found my own method to be pretty foolproof." He stopped to let the words sink in, then lifted my phone up and snapped a picture of us. "Now if you refuse, the threats and hitting can come out, but I'm going to get what I need no matter what. So, do exactly as I say. Both of you take off your clothes." My heart sank and we both sat there like deer in headlights. "HELLO" he shouted, breaking us out of our fog. We slipped off our shirts, pants, and underwear. Out of embarrassment, I put my hands over my 3 inch dick and small balls. Tommy, obviously having nothing to be embarrassed about, let his meaty cock and big balls hang free. Though we had been roommates for a while, this was the first time I had seen his dick, and I found myself staring at it "Ok ok, I think I get where the balance of power is here" the man said with a chuckle. "Skinny, grab your boyfriend's dick." "I'm not..gay...what the hell!" Tommy stammered. The man motioned his gun towards him and grinned. "Fuck" Tommy said. Time seemed to move in slow motion. I was scared but strangely curious. I moved my hand over to Tommy's cock and held it in my hand. I tried looking in the opposite direction, but my eyes kept getting drawn back. Tommy had his eyes shut tight. Compared to my own dick, Tommy's was heavy and thick. It was nice and warm and twitched to my touch. He was cut and had a huge dickhead that I somehow felt in awe of. "That's right. Now jerk him off" the man said as he started recording on my phone. I quickly obliged and Tommy's 5 inch dick grew to a rock hard 8 in my hand. Similarly, my tiny 3 inch grew into a 4 and a half. Being shy and sexually ambiguous, this all came as a shock to me, but I was enjoying myself. I decided to quicken the pace a little and worked my hand up and down his shaft. I could tell he was enjoying himself but struggling to not show it. It was a learning experience for me, so I focused on things I liked: playing with the cock head, cupping his balls, etc. Muffled moans came from Tommy's lips and it made me feel good that I was giving him pleasure. "Perfect " the robber, who I had admittedly forgot was there, remarked. I glanced over at him and he was stroking his cock while filming. "Get down infront of him, on your knees, with your tight ass pointed towards me, and suck his dick." "Ok!" I said with an enthusiasm I immediately regretted. Tommy's eyes shot open and he gave me a shocked and slightly disgusted look. I quickly turned my gaze down to the ground and shimmied off the couch, my cheeks burning red. I rested my arms on Tommy's legs and took hold of his cock once more. Not knowing how to start, I noticed a bead of precum coming out of his cock and decided to start there. I slowly licked all around the head while I pumped his shaft up and down. He could no longer control his moans or heavy breathing, and I was getting increasingly turned on as I lapped up his precum. Behind me, I heard the robber shuffling around and moving a chair. He placed said chair near the side of the couch and positioned my phone on it. He crouched down to check the camera angle and I saw his erect cock dangling. It wasn't as long as Tommy's, but what he lacked in length he made up for in girth. I had roughly half of Tommy's cock in my mouth at this point and getting adventurous. I took it out of my mouth and gave it a nice tongue bath, staring from his balls and going all the way back up to the head, swirling my tongue before going back to bobbing my head on his shaft. I must have been doing a good job because Tommy moaned loudly and put his hand on the back of my head. After a while I felt the robber position himself behind me and his hands grope my ass. No one had ever touched my ass or treated it like a sex object, but it turned me on. I moaned onto Tommy's cock as I took two more inches down. I felt a lubed up finger doing circular motions around my hole and knew what was coming next. I started sensually wiggling my hips until a full finger was inside me. I pulled Tommy's dick out of my mouth and moaned in ecstacy, greedily licking Tommy's shaft and nutsack. Tommy's eyes were open now and our eyes met. I continued to suck and lick while looking right at him. The look of disgust from earlier had been replaced with one of pure pleasure as this whole thing has awakened a previously unknown slutty side of me. A second finger slid into my ass and I felt like my body was on autopilot. I had been unsure of so much in life and nervous about everything. This was one of the few experiences in my life which felt right and beautiful. The robber alternated between jabbing his fingers in and curling them inside of me. It was driving me nuts and my dick was leaking precum. The fingers were then removed and he smeared the lube from them onto my buttcheeks. One hand steadied itself on my hip while he used his other to guide the tip of his cock into my eager hole. "Oh yeah, love a hot virgin ass." Despite this guy robbing us and forcing us to have sex, he was remarkably gentle. The tip of his dick slipped in pretty easily and he held it there until I got used to it, then only slowly pulling it back and moving back in. I moaned like a bitch in heat as all my sexual energy went into deepthroating Tommy. After what seemed like hours, I felt the robbers pubes scratch against my newly deflowered ass. The thrusts now picked up speed as he slammed the full length of his dick into my ass while Tommy resumed guiding my head up and down on his cock. I was completely overcome with sexual energy and my enthusiasm was genuine as I rocked my hips back to meet the thrusts and worked my tongue over Tommy's dick as it went deeper and deeper into my mouth. Suddenly Tommy's body and cock tensed and I felt a huge, slimy load blasting down my throat. I kept on sucking through the entire ordeal until his dick started to limp and he pulled it out of my mouth, snapping back into the reality of the situation and looking unsure of himself. With only one hole occupied, the burglar wasted no time I picking up the pace. First, he put pressure on my back til I was in a ass up, head down position, and then he slammed his cock back in my hole. "Ooohhh ohhh fuck" I moaned. It had felt good before, but this position was really doing it for me. "I'm going to cum in your sissy pussy, bitch" he roared as he sped up, longdicking me like a ragdoll. That was it for me, and I came all over the floor while he pumped my bowels full of hot cum. "Ohhhh ohhh fuck yeah, fill me up" I moaned, surprising myself. I caught a glimpse of Tommy who was doing his best to look away and pretend not to be there..though I noticed his dick was hard once more. The burglar's softening cock slipped out of my freshly fucked hole and I immediately felt empty. I collapsed onto the ground and tried to catch my breath while the man grabbed my phone and spent a while pressing buttons and typing. He then did the same with Tommy's phone. "Alright, buds. I sent myself that video and copies of all of your contacts. You squeal to the police or anyone and that footage goes to to them. I'm sure your parents wouldn't be too happy" he said as he got dressed, stuffing his dick into his pants. He placed the phones on the table and remarked "You can keep these. Consider it payment" he chuckled. Then, he walked out with the things he had placed into his garbage bag, whistling. Tommy, not making eye contact, got up and walked into his room. I continued to lay there for a bit, cum leaking out of my freshly fucked ass, thinking about everything that had just happened. So many questions about my sexuality had just been answered. I felt like I could easily go another round with both of them. The only question I had remaining is how I would satisfy my new bottomless craving for cock.


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